PIOCELAN is a unique foamed resin that can create new value when the needs of the customer and the technology of Sekisui Kasei match.

In order to develop a product that meets the needs of the customer, Sekisui Kasei’s technical team with extensive knowledge of PIOCELAN provides total support from design to production based on the experience and data accumulated over many years.

In addition, modern logistics represented by the automobile industry and the consumer electronics and IT industry is expanding globally at both the parts and components level and the product level. In order to meet such a demand, Sekisui Kasei has established supply bases for PIOCELAN around the world, providing a low-cost and efficient production and supply system.

Total support in every process
from consultations to delivery

Sekisui Kasei’s engineers will assist you from the start in order to create a product that takes advantage of the excellent features of the unique foamed product of PIOCELAN. Sekisui Kasei's sales, research and development, and quality assurance departments will work together in every process, from consultations to delivery, to provide total support to realize the needs of the customer.

Flow to delivery

Global supplyWorldwide production bases for PIOCELAN

Global demand is increasing not only in the automobile industry and IT industry but also in various other fields. In response to this situation, Sekisui Kasei is expanding its PIOCELAN supply base on a global scale. Sekisui Kasei is responsible for providing total support for the production and delivery of PIOCELAN as per customers' requests anywhere in the world.

Supply base

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