Polystyrene, which is hybridized with polyolefin such as polyethylene. It will achieve high quality to meet market needs.

“PIOCELAN” is a highly-functional foam resin to which polyolefin characteristics are added via Sekisui's original polymer hybrid technology.
Via the hybridization of polyolefin, in addition to the excellent characteristics of expanded polystyrene (EPS), such as stiffness and low density foaming, properties such as shock resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, previously regarded as weak points of EPS, have been significantly improved.

Hybridization conducted by original technologies. PIOCELAN exploits the optimal merits of both resins. Shock / chemical resistance High dimensional stability Customization of Performances

Sekisui's original technology, which created PIOCELAN

Sekisui's original technology combines the advantages of both for outstanding PIOCELAN performance.

Sekisui's industry-leading polymer hybrid technology can control the decentralization conditions of styrene and olefin base resins.
The exclusive specific performances of PIOCELAN were created by ensuring the resin's ratio was both internally uniform and rich in polyolefins at the surface layer.

PIOCELAN Hybrid polymer internal structure

This feature enables low density foaming, helping save weight and conserve resources at low cost.

  • The polymer's internal structures can be controlled arbitrarily, selecting structures such as a bicontinuous example, in which polystyrene and polyolefin are mixed with each other and continue respectively, or a sea-island structure, in which particles (islands) of polystyrene are decentralized within the sea of polyolefin.
  • Foaming of lower density is possible than when using a simple polymer blend of polystyrene and polyolefin. This makes PIOCELAN a light material containing air and one which can be produced from reduced resources. PIOCELAN, a resource-saving economical material, also contributes to weight saving for automobile components, as well as boosting the rationalization of distribution when used for packaging materials.
Internal polymer structure

Internal polymer structure

Surface structure of PIOCELAN's foamed particles

Exploiting its tough qualities which can withstand even severe environments, the domains in which it plays an active role are expanding.

  • The primary component of the foamed particles at the surface layer consists of polyolefin to exploit the overall merits.
  • It can meet various needs such as shock, abrasion and chemical resistance and reduced rubbing noises with other materials.
The primary component of the surface layer consists of polyolefin.

The primary component of the surface layer consists of polyolefin.

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