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PIOCELAN has achieved excellent shock absorption by hybridizing polystyrene and polyolefin to strike a balance between stiffness and flexibility. The page will present the performances of shock absorption using moving images for comparison.

Comparison of PIOCELAN with expanded polystyrene

The addition of the flexibility of polyolefin to the stiffness of polystyrene makes PIOCELAN durable, allowing it to absorb the impact exerted by both characteristics of compression and bending.
In comparison with expanded polystyrene, which is relatively weak and prone to breakage when exposed to distortion by bending, although basically absorbing impacts via compression, PIOCELAN also utilizes its bending strength to absorb the impact.

Comparison of PIOCELAN with expanded polypropylene

Despite its flexibility, PIOCELAN still retains the high stiffness of polystyrene. Early bottoming-out of a test piece of expanded polypropylene in the direction of a weight (or impact) load compared with PIOCELAN shows the difference in these shock absorption performances.

Presentation moving images for PIOCELAN
Presentation moving images for PIOCELAN

Including comparison experiments of shock resistance, and featuring various other characteristics of PIOCELAN on show.

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