PIOCELAN has evolved even further. --- PIOCELAN 'L series'

In PIOCELAN “L series”, the conventional PIOCELAN variety has evolved still further, with significantly improved shock resistance and compressive strength.
It has allowed thinner-walled and higher-expansion-ratio (i.e. lower density) molding compared with conventionally molded articles, and therefore, considerably boosts cost reduction as well as transportation efficiency through more compact packaging.
In addition, thin-walled and high expansion ratio molding helps save resources/weight, thus contributing to protect the environment.
* For the details, refer to the table of physical properties.

Case 1:   Lower density (i.e. higher expansion ratio) but equivalent shock resistance leads to cost reductions.  SP-50D → LP-60E  With an even higher expansion ratio, the L series has performance equivalent to S series model! No wonder it achieves cost cutting!

Case 2: With the same expansion ratio, the packaging material performance has been improved.  SP-50D → LP-50E  With the same expansion ratio, the shock resistance and compressive strength have been significantly improved, and therefore, the performance can be enhanced without changing the packaging design.

Case 3: Transportation efficiency improvement due to  thin-walled moldings  SP-50D → LP-50E  Packing size can be slimmed down thanks to thin-walled moldings. Consequently, loading quantity can be increased and transportation cost can be reduced.

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