The following is a summary of frequent asked questions about PIOCELAN.
If you have further questions, please feel free to inquire via the inquiry form.

Q1: We would like to use it in packaging for fragile items, such as electronic equipment. Can we do so?

Yes. It is suitable for use in shock absorption.
You can view detailed data concerning its shock resistance here.

Q2: Could you respond to us as an overseas company?

The logistics bases of PIOCELAN are already being globally developed, with a track record of export to foreign countries.
Please let us know your specific territory.

Q3: How long has it been provided for practical use since development?

For over 30 years.

Q4: How many days should we reserve in advance for the design to delivery?

Because the design and evaluation are repeated before completion, the time required may vary significantly according to the circumstances.
Please consult us and our design engineers will provide the best available estimate.

Q5: How should proceed to recycle?

We are already taking measures, such as reducing the volume for retrieval or recycling.
We shall provide extensive proposals according to the area.

Q6: What expansion ratios are available?

Those of 10 to 50 times have been prepared.
Regarding the details, please refer to the page with the Physical properties.

Q7: We are considering using it for the packaging of high-precision parts. Can we do so?

Thanks to the excellent cushioning performance, it is suitable for the transportation of high-precision parts.
Regarding the adoption examples and number of adoption cases, please see here.

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